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Mini-invasive gluteoplasty

easier than you think

The buttocks reshaping is absolutely one of the most requested surgery; in the last few years the request has been growing at an exponential rate.

Gluteoplasty with implants has always scared most of the surgeons.
Dr. Valerio Badiali has been trying to make it become a ‘routine’ surgery, as well as breast augmentation.
In order to succeed in his purpose, he has been teaching a lot of courses with international audience.
In fact, the potential market is huge and almost untapped.

Dr. Valerio Badiali is the most experienced surgeon on mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique in Italy.
The surgical training with dr. Valerio Badiali is the perfect opportunity for the surgeon who wants to improve his expertise in performing this increasingly popular surgery.
The surgeon who is interested can choose between two different kind of theoretical-practical course.

Let’s see why, nowadays, it’s essential to master this surgical technique and how this procedure, of which dr Valerio Badiali is the leading expert, has improved many aesthetic surgeons’ daily work.

What makes this surgery unique?

Since surgery –not just aesthetic– has been trying to became more and more mini-invasive, gluteoplasty with submuscular technique represents a life-changing innovation for many experienced surgeons and, above all, for the patients that have chosen it.

This surgical approach to increase the buttocks volume stands out for the implant placement underneath the gluteus maximus muscle. That’s why the surgical procedure isn’t demolitive.

The implant is placed on a deeper plan as opposed to the traditional techniques; with this surgery, the gluteal muscle isn’t damaged. This is an enormous advantage since the post-op recovery won’t be too long or uncomfortable.

The procedure can be mini-invasive thanks to the contained incision, that is used as a way in and allows the use of the Keller Funnel. This instrument, whose functioning can be compared to a sàc a poche, preserves the integrity of the gluteus maximus muscle while positioning the implant.

How long does the surgery take?

The mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique lasts about 30 minutes. Because of this peculiarity and the minimal invasiveness, it can be performed in Day Hospital and combined with other surgical procedures.

How many days before coming back to social life?
As mentioned before, the mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique allows an easy post-op and a quick return to social life. After the surgery in Day Hospital, the patient has the opportunity to go back home without hospitalization and resume the physical activity after just 3 weeks.

dr Valerio Badiali MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

  • The most experienced surgeon on mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique in Italy
  • More than 200 gluteoplasty surgeries performed
  • 20 years of experience