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Mini-invasive gluteoplasty

Easier than you think

dr Valerio Badiali’s courses

Find out which is best for you

Masterclass in gluteoplasty

Full day training with 9 participants.

This course differs from similar ones since it’s highly practical.
In fact, also the theoretical session has the purpose to help every participant to develop specific skills to easily perform this surgery.
  • 3 live surgeries in the morning
  • Lunch break
  • Theoretical session in the afternoon
Individual training in gluteoplasty

One-to-one training, half day in the O.R.

The one-to-one training, instead, allows the single surgeon to perform a mini-invasive gluteoplasty with dr. Valerio Badiali, with the opportunity to deepen every practical step of the surgery.
dr Valerio Badiali MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

  • The most experienced surgeon on mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique in Italy
  • More than 200 gluteoplasty surgeries performed
  • 20 years of experience