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Mini-invasive Gluteoplasty

Gluteoplasty with implants has always scared most of the surgeons.
Dr. Valerio Badiali has been trying to make it become a ‘routine’ surgery, as well as breast augmentation. In order to succeed in his purpose, he has been teaching a lot of courses with international audience. In fact, the potential market is huge and almost untapped.
Dr. Valerio Badiali is the most experienced surgeon on mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique in Italy.
The surgical training with dr. Valerio Badiali is the perfect opportunity for the surgeon who wants to improve his expertise in performing this increasingly popular surgery.
The surgeon who is interested can choose between two different kind of theoretical-practical course.

Breast augmentation with polyurethane implants
Breast augmentation has been the most requested aesthetic Surgery for many years and this request keeps on growing day by day.
In this environment, using breast implants covered in polyurethane foam is a choice that still scares a lot of surgeons. In fact, they prefer to use this type of implants only in case of capsular contracture. The main cause of this concern is, above all, the self-fixing peculiarity of the implants themselves.
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    dr Valerio Badiali MD

    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

    • The most experienced surgeon on mini-invasive gluteoplasty with submuscular technique in Italy
    • One of the most experienced surgeons on breast surgeries with implants covered in polyurethane foam in Italy
    • Thousands of surgeries performed
    • 20 years of experience